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Proud to See My Work in the Wisconsin State Capital Building!

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Very honored to have been invited to display my art in the Madison, WI offices of Representative Robyn Vining.

Kathleen with State Representative Robyn Vining

Having your artwork displayed anywhere is not only a source of immense pride, but quite an exciting time for an artist. Having your art hang in the 'people's house' is indescribable.

“It wasn't until I did more research on the background of Representative Vining that I found out that she too was an accomplished artist!”

When a friend contacted me to see if I might have interest in sharing some of my work with a new state representative from our neck of the woods, I was excited and honored. Little did I know that this talented public servant was also an accomplished artist in her own right!

Sharing art with a fellow artist

Robyn Vining was elected to represent a slice of Milwaukee County just this past year. I appreciated her efforts and campaign and rooted for a former 'Mom of the Year' to do well in the election and see what sort of positive influences she could bring to our state capital.

I chose the work I felt best represented my passion for nature and my yearning for a positive and progressive Wisconsin. It wasn't until I did more research on the background of Representative Vining that I found she too was an accomplished artist! I reviewed her photography online and was even more honored that she would be featuring my work in her Capital office.

Since electoral terms do lapse eventually, my work will at some point return home as well. It's a wonderful feeling to share my own vision of the beauty of Wisconsin nature with a fellow artist who just happens to sit across the room daily from my paintings in her Madison State Representative's office. My hope is that the visual reminder she sees each and every day will inspire her to make legislative decisions based on her own personal appreciation of art and beauty in our wonderful state.

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